Our Athletic Programs

Athletics for Boys: The Circle of Nations has an extensive program of athletic activities for boys. Training is given and contests are scheduled in football, cross country, basketball, track,  intramurals following the policies of the state. The parental consent and medical certificates of physical fitness are required before the boys are allowed to participate.

Athletics for Girls: The main sports are basketball, cross country, track, and volleyball.

Cheerleaders: In order to arouse enthusiasm and boost the morale of players and students at all athletic activities and at pep rallies,  Cheerleaders are elected by the student body in the fall. They are given tryouts in assembly before the election. A faculty member supervises this activity and acts as an advisor in the groups. A cheerleading pin and name tag are awarded to each girl for the year of service.

Other Athletic Opportunities: There are also opportunities for gymnastics, swimming, tae kwon do, and ice skating.