Our History

1904-1915  |  1916 -1940 |  1941 - 1957  |  1957 - 1992 |  1993 - 2006

NOTE ON SOURCES: Students in the 7th and 8th grade classes compiled a History of the Wahpeton Indian School as a class project in 1941. Each student evidently “authored” and bound a book, hand-printed and illustrated, using the same text. A bibliography section at the end of one remaining copy states, “Here with is a list of the important sources of information for our history.”

• Supplement of “Richland County Farmer Globe” September 22, 1936
• Historical Edition of “Richland County Farmer Globe” November 30, 1937
• “Campus News” Vol. 1 no. 3 and No.4.
• Vol. IV No.11 Annual Reports of the Wahpeton Indian School. Data supplied by Superintendent Carl Stevens.

The above sections of the history, listed by years, are derived from the classroom history project and other local sources. Additional Government records for the Wahpeton Indian School can be found at the NARA research room under number 75.20.50. These are Textual Records (in Kansas City): Decimal file, 1923-67. Copies of letters sent by the Superintendent, 1958-67. Appropriation ledgers, 1920-46. Individual Indian money (IIM) posting and control ledgers and related receipts, 1929-66. Individual student case files, 1908-66. Records of proceeds of Indian labor, 1955- 59.

History Overview