Keeble Hall

Keeble Dormitory is a single story structure built to accommodate 152 students in a safe, environmentally friendly structure. The building HVAC is entirely ground source geothermal heating and cooling with building automation controls to make the building even more efficient. The building will house the 4th through 6th grade boys in pod C of the building, the 7th and 8th grade boys will be in pod D, the 4th through 6th grade girls in pod A and the 7th and 8th grade girls in pod B. Each pod will have several rooms reserved as honor rooms. The building received a certificate of occupancy in July of 2008.      

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Sacajawea Hall

Sacajawea Hall was constructed in 1963 as a girls dormitory. For more information on the name sake of Sacajawea Hall click here. Although the building is over 40 years old it continues to serve in the mission it was designed to accomplish. Situated on the West central side of the main campus the two wings to the South and East contain rooms that are designed to accommodate four students each. A laundry, lounge, office, and game room are among its features. A Facility Improvement and Repair project was completed in October 2008. The project updated the heating, ventilation, air conditioning system, electrical service to the building, and the lighting inside and out.